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What is a Birth Doula?

A Birth Doula is a professional labor support coach who helps a family not only prepare for the birth of their child, but also provides a valuable range of support on the day of birth. We hope that you will feel well cared-for, supported in your choices, and that you make the transition into parenthood as smoothly and joyfully as possible. We are mindful not to replace anyone on your support team, but rather to collaborate with every member of your team to make this the most positive experience possible.

What can a Birth Doula do for you?

  • Help you gather information to make the most informed decision possible

  • Help you understand the changes occurring in your body - during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum

  • Encourage open and effective communication with your care providers

  • Suggest positions and/or techniques to help cope with pain and discomfort

  • ​Suggest positions and/or techniques to encourage the progression of labor

  • Offer reassurance and encouragement

  • Support your partner so they can best support you

  • Give your partner the opportunity to rest

  • AND more! 

Studies show that Continuous Birth Support can lead to*:​

Decrease in risk of Cesarean Birth

Higher Breastfeeding Rates

Reduced need for Pitocin and forceps or vacuum extractions

Reduced use of

Pain Medications

Higher Satisfaction with Birth Experience

Lower Rates of Postpartum Depression

*Source: Evidence Based Birth, “The Evidence on Doulas.”

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