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Weekend Workshop Childbirth Prep

Join us for this Workshop that makes childbirth-prep easy and doable. Each date that is offered will follow the same schedule so you can take them when the time is right for you! You can take 1, 2, or all 3 classes. If you opt to take all 3, you earn a one-on-one birth planning session with a Birth Doula from our team ($65 value). BONUS!


Here is the schedule of events:
9am-11am Topic: Handling the Pain of Childbirth
11am-12pm: Lunch BREAK
12pm-2pm Topic: What to do When Things Go "Wrong"
2pm-2:30pm: BREAK
2:30pm Topic: Surviving the Newborn Phase

The next scheduled dates are March 9 and May 11!

The cost is $49.99 per topic and this covers the cost of your attendance plus one support person.

1. Handling The Pain of Childbirth

9am - 11am

You will walk away from this class with knowing what to expect AND knowing how to actively take a role in your own birthing experience. We will discuss stages of labor; the normal progression of labor; how to handle to the pain associated with birth; hands-on tools to use during your labor; basics of building a birth plan and more!

This class is taught by Melinda Bagaga, Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Student Midwife.

2. What to do When Things go "Wrong"

12noon - 2pm

We create birth plans and set expectations for how we envision our birth experience. BUT what do we do when things go unplanned? Have you considered what you might do? This class is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the unexpected! We will discuss interventions; how to navigate conversations with your care providers and birth team; give tangible tools on how to advocate for yourself and your baby and more!

This class is taught by Melinda Bagaga,

​Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Student Midwife.

3. Surviving The Newborn Phase

2:30pm - 4:30pm

You've read the books; you've done the research; you are ready for childbirth. Have you done the same amount of preparation for caring for your baby? Take this class to learn all the tips and tricks for surviving the newborn phase! We will discuss healing from birth; how to take care of yourself physically and mentally; signs of postpartum depression; breastfeeding basics; how to know your baby is eating enough; how to soothe a crying baby and more!

This class is taught by Hannah Heaton,

​Birth & Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Specialist.

Husbands, partners, or one other support person is welcome to attend with you at no additional cost.

Just add their name to the form when you register.


These classes are great for first-time moms AND those who have already experienced birth and would like a refresher!

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